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Counseling By The Creek 
Susie Bookfor, LCSW
can help you!
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Susie Bookfor, LCSW

Susie earned her Bachelors degree in Social Welfare at Temple University with a major in Child Development and her Masters degree at Bryn Mawr College Graduate School of Social Work with a concentration in Clinical Social Work.


She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Virginia and has worked with children, adolescents, adults and families for more than 30 years.


Her specialties include: grief and bereavement counseling, trauma informed care for those suffering with PTSD symptoms including military members and their families, veterans and others who have  suffered    traumas  in  their  lives.    She   has 

a   wealth   of    experience  in    Motivational 

Interviewing, co-occurring and behavioral health disorders.


Susie is highly adept at treating anxiety, depression, ADHD, communication, relationship, sleep problems and other behavioral health disorders through a variety of Evidence  Based Therapeutic and Behavioral Interventions,  (CBT) Cognitive Behavioral Therapies, (CPT) Cognitive Processing Therapy (for PTSD) and Psycho-education.

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We can help

you feel steady

in the chaos.


   Are you feeling?

  • anxious

  • depressed

  • drinking too much

  •  fearful

  • missing work

  • over or under-eating

  • sad

  • self-medicating with drugs 

  • sleeping too much or too little

  • stressed

  • unable to cope with your daily life  



  Are you having difficulty?

  • at work

  • handling family problems

  • managing anxiety/panic attacks

  • managing your anger 

  • parenting 

  • processing your grief

  • with your boss/coworkers

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By The




Susie Bookfor, LCSW

Counseling By The Creek

5016 Ridgewood Road  
Alexandria, VA 22312  


Confidential Voice Mail:

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Phone: 703 - 750 - 0258  
Fax: 1-815-550-1718


send a confidential-email:  

5016 Ridgewood Road

Alexandria, VA 22312

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You too can learn to handle your stressors, communicate with others,  and cope with anxious and depressed feelings.

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Let's face it, we all feel like this at times. Counseling can help you put these feelings into perspective.



better care

of yourself



Counseling By The Creek


Counseling By The Creek is located 1 block off

Braddock Road between Backlick Road

& Little River Turnpike,

behind the Home Depot & across from

Thomas Jefferson High School.

Easy to get to from I-95, I-495 and 395.

Conveniently located @

5016 Ridgewood Road Alexandria, VA 22312

~ free off-street parking ~

Between 395  Exits 2B Edsall Road 

3B Little River Turnpike


between 495 Exits 50B Braddock Rd 

52B Little River Turnpike 


Convenient by MetroBus 29K, 29N (only 0.6 miles),

17A, 17B & Fairfax Connector 306 (only 0.15miles)

We offer

convenient daytime

& early evening


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